Sr. High Camp

July 16-21
10th-12th graders (as of September)
Speaker: Bryan Brock
Cost: $130

The emphasis of Camp Utibaca is to provide a getaway from the fast pace of the rest of the world and emphasize God's Word along with great fun and enjoyment.

Our goal is to provide a setting for young people to be helped in areas of Biblical understanding and personal character. Personal devotions and chapel times are an important part of each day's schedule and attendance is required. Other activities include: climbing tower, archery, challenge course, riflery, horsemanship, game time, and craft time.

Arrival and Departure: Campers should arrive at Camp between 2:00 and 3:00 PM on Monday afternoon. Drivers should stay around until all their campers are registered. Campers will be assigned a cabin and meet their counselor. They will then organize their gear in their cabin and be ready to begin the week's program by 3:15 PM. Camp will continue until Saturday morning at about 8:30 AM at which time the camper's rides should be ready to take them home.

Visitors: You are welcome. Please check in and register with the Camp Director when you arrive. That will help us with our program and alert our kitchen staff if any meals are desired. There is a suggested donation of $5 a meal per person.

What to Bring: Spending money of about $25 (for T-shirts, Canteen and Love Offering for Camp Speaker), sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, King James Bible, note pad, pen or pencil, towel, toiletries, shower sandals/shoes, sun block, jacket and extra clothing including a jacket.

Girls: Modest slacks or jeans for day wear, knee length or longer skirt or dress for evening services. No shorts, tank tops, halter tops, tight fitting shirts or blouses, sandals, or flip-flops are allowed. T-shirts are allowed during the day, but sleeves are not to be rolled up to the shoulder.

Guys: Long pants or jeans for day wear; collared shirts for evening services. T-shirts are allowed during the day, but sleeves are not to be rolled up to the shoulder. No shorts, tank tops, sandals, or flip-flops are allowed.

What NOT to Bring: Food, pets, any form of tobacco, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, matches, fireworks, knives, radios, tape or CD players, iPods, mp3 players, electronic games, cards, or magazines. Cell phones must be checked in to the Camp Director's Office and only used with his permission.

Parents: Please mark all luggage, bags, and clothing with your Camper's name. Lost-and-found items not claimed within 14 days may be donated to some needy person.