Established in 1978 by independent Baptist Pastors and Missionaries in Utah, Utibaca (Utah Independent Baptist Camp) is a beautiful mountain youth camp located at 8,000 foot altitude in the Manti-LaSal range above Ephraim, Utah. Nestled there in this private wilderness retreat you will find a very unique program designed to help young people develop integrity, maturity and personal accountability. Emphasis in the program is on morality, patriotism and the Bible.

In this day of crumbling values and lack of respect for authority, concerned parents need to use every opportunity to take advantage of this type of program to help them train and build spiritual character in their young people.

Our goal is to provide a remote setting and opportunity with fun physical activities and a safe environment for young people to be challenged and guided towards these goals. Personal Bible devotions and chapel times are an important part of each day's schedule.

Camp Utibaca is a Baptist Camp and is open to any person regardless of race, sex or religion.

We invite you to come and be a part of this great Christian Camping experience. We also invite your questions, comments and suggestions.


2017 Camp Dates and Speakers

Staff Training Camp: June 21-28, Evangelist Chuck Crabtree

Family Camp: June 29-July 1, Steve Pettit, Bob Jones University

Junior Camp: July 3-8, Steve Pitchford

Jr. High Camp: July 10-15, Caleb Schaaf

Sr. High Camp: July 17-22, Mark Davis, Faith Baptist Bible College

Horsemanship Camp 1: July 23-29, Pastor Ron Ehmann

Horsemanship Camp 2: July 30-August 5, Pastor Ron Ehmann

Hispanic Family Camp: August 10-12, Tim Darling, missionary to Spain

Teen Retreat: September 8-9, Greg Schnabel

Ladies' Retreat: September 15-16, Diane Heeney

Men's Retreat: September 22-23, Jon Edwards